Luigi Corsaro
IT project manager and electronics engineer, founder and project manager at aCompany.

The Digital
Business Experts.

Since 1999 aCompany supports companies at improving their processes throughout technology.

We are aware that digital transformation may affect established processes, infrastructures and jobs. Therefore we regard each intervention as a tailor-made response, carefully build in every single phase.

We start from an in-depth analysis of the baseline situation in order to achieve the most appropriate solution according to your specific goals.

Our Workflow

1. Assessment

We assess current processes and technologies. Based on your specific goals, we identify critical points and areas of potential. 

2. Design

We outline a plan of intervention, blueprinting timing, investment required and benefits expected.

3. Implementation

Within the deadlines agreed, we bring about the new systems and we implement their integration.

4 . Support

We cooperate with your IT department at starting up your new systems, as well as managing and keeping them up-to-date.