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Business Impact Analysis

The second and impart step to implant a Business Continuity Management system within to your company, this phase is characterised by a process analysis done by “distillation” not by precision.

The company needs to select the most important processes to stay up and running also after a disastrous event.

We believe in a qualitative approach eve if somebody loves the quantitive approach, our experience is on both the preferred and most intuitive one is the first.

The best will be to have the processes’ taxonomy already available, if the business process model is not available can be drafted in “distillation” mode and the second round refined.

No matter the way a BIA is done, what matter is to start.

Value your processes.
Save your assets

The most critical processes selection with the necessary assets to run it is fundamental to maintain your core business everything happens.

A Company developed a mixed qualitative and quantitive model to help the processes selection.